"Young Entrepreneur Camp:

From Dreaming To Doing"

Quick Facts

  • Max Class Size: 15
  • Average Class Size: 6
  • Grade Range: 5-12th (Ages 10-17)
  • Dates: June 14-18
  • Time: 1-4 p.m. PDT

The Most Innovative Minds In The World Are 2e (Twice-Exceptional)

Twice-exceptional kiddos often have magnificent passions and high-intelligence: in this context, the ability to identify flaws, gaps, etc. in the status quo. 


Art Antin, Co-Founder and former Chief Operating Officer of the VCA--a multi-billion dollar company--may* celebrity-teach one class!!!

*We're still working out the scheduling

What Our Parents Are Saying

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Your Learner Will

Survey Their Strengths

And the market!

This course is structured to enable your bright child to delve deeply into his/her passion and equip them with the tools to create actual plans to develop a product or service and bring it to market.

Develop Their Dreams

Entrepreneurship is simply the vehicle through which your child can storyboard their dreams. This course is about so much more than building a business, it's about connecting your children to their passion and having them invest fully in their own journey.

Create An Actual Pitch

Students will gain presentation experience as they showcase their products and services in a Shark-Tank-styled exhibition. The class will vote on which products and services show the most potential.

Students will also improve their ability to receive and offer peer-to-peer critiques.

Executive Functioning

Breaking News: goal-setting, planning, self-reflection, effective communication, marketing, analysis, etc., are much bigger than just entrepreneurship. These are forever and always skills!


Your Concerns

Problem: Your student is burnt out from screen time

Observation: One of the first things they do when they are out of class is grab their tablets or phones

Our Belief: Burnout has less to do with screens and more to do with engagement. Let this course capture your kiddos' imagination and appeal to their passions. Let us become the thing they can't wait to pick up!

Allow Us To Make This Easier

100% Moneyback Guarantee

Your kids don’t love our classes? You get a full refund within 24 hours of the first class.

You Have Our Word!

Let’s Give Your Child the Individual Attention, Intellectual Stimulation, and the Creative Inspiration They Need to Develop their Dreams


About Samuel

Samuel Young is not only the director of YSA, he's a two-time Fulbright Scholar that brings with him over a decade’s worth of educational leadership experience to this course. He is currently working towards his Ed.D. in Cognitive Diversity. He has taught at various programs in the US, Europe, and Asia, and has led twice-exceptional students (2e) to over 7 countries for immersive cultural and educational trips.

Samuel's gift is that he meets every student where they are, individually tailors learning to them, and helps them reach the great heights they are capable of reaching!

In other words, he gets your kid!

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