"Young Biologists:

Creatures of Habitats"

Quick Facts

  • Max Class Size: 10
  • Average Class Size: 6
  • Grade Range: 5-8th (Ages 9-13)
  • 1 Hr Per Week For 6 Weeks
  • Starting Mon. Mar. 8, 4:15-5:15 PM PST
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Does Your Child

  • Express an interest in the field of science?
  • LOVE learning about the ocean?
  • Long to learn more about the majestic creatures of the ocean?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions your kiddo is going to love this course!

Meet Stacey

Your Own Personal Marine Science Instructor!

Stacey is a highly trained gifted educator and has been teaching science for over 8 years in both classroom and field settings. She is also specially trained in the field of marine biology, is an avid SCUBA diver and has conducted real scientific experiments in the field!

She has taught marine science in many different settings (i.e. living on an island, working at aquariums, teaching at universities and K-12 schools) and is currently obtaining her doctorate in education to better understand how to teach the wonderfully neurodiverse population of students that she works with.

Any background experience is welcome!

Whether your child is just beginning their understanding of the ocean world, or they want to dive deep into complex biological processes, Stacey can meet them where they are and foster their interests. From seagrass to sharks, she has explored it all and cannot wait to bring your child into the exciting journey of discovering the mysteries of ocean blue!

What exciting things will students be doing in this course?

Learning about how creatures can survive in the deep ocean!

They will explore the different zones, and they will even create their own creatures that can survive in harsh environments!

Watching live footage of sharks, turtles, kelp forests and coral reefs!

They will see ocean action in real time and even learn more about marine science live from a real SCUBA diver underwater!

Learning about what it's like to be an ocean aquanaut!

They will find out what it's like to not only SCUBA dive but actually LIVE underwater as an aquanaut!

...and SO MUCH MORE!!

Students will also be learning about topics like food webs, adaptations, camouflage, predator/prey interactions and conservation!

Students will have opportunities to explore topics that are MOST interesting to them, create unique products from those interests and be able to share and present ideas in each class with supportive critiques!


Students will be tuning in to a LIVE underwater lesson taught by a real Marine Park Ranger!

What Our Parents Are Saying

"YSA has all the classes that my child has always wanted to take but has never been offered due to her age. This place is like Masterclass for kids! They have so many awesome courses!"


Gone Are The Days Of:

  • Dreading Learning
  • Classes That Your Child Couldn't Care Less About
  • Teachers That Don't Get Your Kiddo
  • All Students Being Expected To Learn The Same Way
  • Your Child's Passions Only Being Explored Outside Of Class

How We Serve Your Learner

Experience Tailored Learning

Your kiddo is the center of this universe! Our educators build the learning around your student, and not the other way around. Refreshing, eh?

Develop Executive Functioning Skills

As we know, Executive Functioning development is exponentially more effective when it's reinforced within the context of meaningful learning.

Thrive In A Supportive Environment

Your child will love the fun they have, the infectious passion their teachers possess, the ability to feel safe taking risks, and the individual attention they receive in this course.

Learn Transferable Skills

Discovering environments, studying traits of creatures that reside in them, and developing theories about the complex relationships between these beings and their habitats is more than just science, it's a framework for analysis. These are forever and always skills!

Your Concerns

Most concerns can be divided into 3 categories: Time, Money, & Care


Parents repeatedly tell us that their kiddos talk more about the 1 hour-a-week that they spend with us than they do with their whole school week


We offer a 110% moneyback guarantee that is good for 24 hours after your child's first class


Simply put, our exceptionally is care. With over 10 years of working with neurodiverse students, we get your kid and we will make them feel right at home

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