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"Young Writers:

StorytellingThrough Pixar"

Quick Facts

  • Max Class Size: 10
  • Average Class Size: 6
  • Grade Range: 5-8th (Ages 9-13)
  • 1 Hr Per Week For 6 Weeks
  • Starting Tue. March 9, 4:15-5:15 PM PST
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Everyone Has A Story...

"Start writing no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on." - Louis L'Amour

For many, writing and storytelling is the scariest possible thing we can do. Yet, for those who allow themselves to explore it, it can also be the most liberating and exciting experience of all.

Meet Ian

Your storytelling guru.

Ian is an English teacher bringing over eight years of experience working with neurodiverse students. With a background in film studies and screenwriting, storytelling is in his blood.

Since he was little, Ian has been telling stories (some quite tall) and he continues to pursue his own interests in writing while he teaches. Writing and sharing stories is a passion of his and he can't wait to convert others to the lifestyle.


We empower your kiddo to develop fundamental Executive Functioning skills through the art of Story Mapping! They master essential learning-to-learn skills while being completely encompassed in their own creative universes!

What Our Parents Are Saying

"The progress the students have made in just a few months is amazing. My son has improved his writing and critical thinking skills dramatically.

I would recommend these courses for all students but especially for students who have trouble engaging in a traditional classroom setting."

But I'm Not A Writer!

Ok, let's get one thing straight, this course is about storytelling. Some may write. Others may choose a visual format like storyboarding. THAT'S OK! We want your kids telling THEIR stories THEIR way, not ours!


How does this class even work?

Glad you asked! Each class will start with an exploration of a Pixar (or similar) short film, focused on our topic for the week whether it's character, plot, or theme. We will then transition to a creative writing (or storyboarding) experience exploring that topic. Finally, all students will have the opportunity to share their work at the end of each class, combined with the practice of supportive critiques.

Why Pixar?

First of all, Pixar is one of the most consistently innovative production companies out there. Second, the short films don't focus on dialogue, which helps analyze a story from the point of view of action, which is tremendously useful. Plus, the Pixar short films are just brilliantly fun and funny.

But what will I get from this?

You mean besides a strong understanding of storytelling techniques and the development of your personal voice? Well, breaking news but, creative thinking, problem-solving, organization, self-reflection, effective communication, analysis, etc., are much bigger than just writing. These are forever and always skills!

Fine, but what's the answer to life?

That's easy...42.

How We Serve Your Learner

Experience Tailored Learning

Your kiddo is the center of this universe! Our educators build the learning around your student, and not the other way around. Not a writer? More of a drawer? Yeah, we can work with that. Refreshing, eh?

Develop Dreams

As long as there have been humans, there have been humans telling stories. At our core, it is the most elemental thing we do. This course is about exploring and examining some of the best animated short films around (from Pixar as well as others) and using those tools of story building to help your child create something of their own.

Thrive In A Supportive Environment

Your child will love the fun they have, the infectious passion their teachers possess, the ability to feel safe taking risks, and the individual attention they receive in this course.

Develop Executive Functioning Skills

As we know, Executive Functioning development is exponentially more effective when it's reinforced within the context of meaningful learning.

Gone Are The Days Of:

  • Dreading Learning
  • Classes That Your Child Couldn't Care Less About
  • Teachers That Don't Get Your Kiddo
  • All Students Being Expected To Learn The Same Way
  • Your Child's Passions Only Being Explored Outside Of Class

Your Concerns

Most concerns can be divided into 3 categories: Time, Money, & Care


Parents repeatedly tell us that their kiddos talk more about the 1 hour-a-week that they spend with us than they do with their whole school week


We offer a 110% moneyback guarantee that is good for 24 hours after your child's first class


Simply put, our exceptionally is care. With over 10 years of working with neurodiverse students, we get your kid and we will make them feel right at home

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110% Moneyback Guarantee

Your kids don’t love our classes? You get a full refund plus 10% moneyback within 24 hours of the first class.

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Let’s Give Your Child the Individual Attention, Intellectual Stimulation, and the Creative Inspiration They Need to Develop their Dreams

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